Professor Andrzej Kokoszka, MD, Ph.D.

I am a scientist, psychiatrist and psychologist.

My main research topics: psychodiabetology, cognitive processes in schizophrenia and altered states of consciousness.

I have many years of experience as the Principal Investigator and the Central Reviewer in clinical trials.

I was an expert of the Minister of Health in the Transparency Council of the Agency for Health Technology Assessment, for six years. I run a private practice as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Engagement in various activities allows me to achieve the optimal balance between commitment and keeping the optimal distance from what I am doing. I am always open to new challenges.

For many years I had regular columns in newspapers, I take part in television programs.

My family and my passions, skiing, sailing, yoga, jogging and cycling are important to me. Recently I have been learning kitesurfing.

  • Head of II Dept. of Psychiatry at Medical University of Warsaw
  • Coordinator of Mental Health Center at Brodno Hospital, serving a district of over 100k people –
  • Principal investigator and central reviewer in clinical trials.
  • Psychiatrists, sexologist, psychologist and psychotherapist