Professor Andrzej Kokoszka, MD, PhD

I am a scientist, psychiatrist, sexologist, psychotherapist and psychologist.

My main research topics: psychodiabetology, cognitive processes in schizophrenia and altered states of consciousness. I have many years of experience as the Principal Investigator and the Central Reviewer in clinical trials. I was an expert of the Minister of Health in the Transparency Council of the Agency for Health Technology Assessment, for six years, which is responsible for the recommendation of the reimbursement of medication and medical procedures in National Health System. I run a private practice as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Engagement in various activities allows me to achieve the optimal balance between commitment and keeping the optimal distance from what I am doing. I am always open to new challenges. For many years I had regular columns in newspapers, I take part in television programs.

My family and my passions, skiing, sailing, yoga, jogging and cycling are important to me. Recently I have been learning kitesurfing.


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